A new era of capital raising process

Be Smarter in Your
Capital Raising

Regain ownership in your capital raising with a complete set of tools for You and Your Investors including data-driven recommendations

Our philosophy

A Powerful Combination of SaaS Tools and Data-driven Advisory

Regain Ownership in Your Capital Raising

- Directly interact with truly interested investors, better assess and anticipate their expectations

- Improve your execution by hiring advisors that are more focused on providing true and non-conflicted value-added services rather than managing a process

Solve Your Challenges as a Private Company

- We are your long-term partner in your capital raising journey

- Our solution is dedicated to answer investors' requirements in later rounds of capital raising such as access to liquidity, reliable research & analytics, price discovery momentum and transparent allocation

A Hybrid and Tailor-made approach

- Our conviction: digitalization should improve existing processes

- We assist you in managing the whole process more efficiently by providing the right recommendations based on our data analysis tools

Our Solutions for Issuers

Expertly Prepare Your Capital Raising

  • We help you in selecting the right investors thanks to algorithm based on preset criteria and previous investment activity applied to public and proprietary databases
  • You know the different traits of investors engaged in the process at all times
  • We can connect you to an enlarged community of investors
  • We optimize the drafting of your Equity Story identifying relevant metrics and themes to better position your profile in front of investors

Anticipate & Stay in Control during Your Execution

  • You access, on any device, to a live status of your capital raising
  • You monitor valuation metrics and KPIs in real time
  • We reformulate investor feedback so that the messages you receive are fully relevant. Forget about excel files and long presentations
  • A collaborative tool that enables seamless interactions with your advisors (financial and legal)
  • You get a clear view and transparent understanding of the bookbuilding dynamic

With Praexo you can

Boost and stimulate investor interest

Control momentum

Achieve successful outcome at lower cost without loosing grip to your day to day operations

Our Solutions for Your Investors

Offer the Best for their involvement

  • They can, on-line via the interface, prepare and share their financial analysis
  • They can provide direct and unfiltered feedback in a transparent way
  • They benefit strongly from a fair allocation process supported by traceability tools
  • They have direct access to secondary liquidity

Praexo's motto: technology serving issuers

Meet the Team

We are investment bankers and IT experts who truly believe that technology helps issuers to improve how they raise capital.

We call it “Augmented Advisory”.

Our team is made of professionals who have helped issuers in raising billion euros of capital and who know inside-out the challenges of fundraising processes.

Guillaume Moinet


Over the last 18 years, Guillaume accumulated a rich and varied experience in the financial industry acquiring expertise in the fields of equity capital markets, M&A, capital raising and investment strategies.

Curious and open-minded, Guillaume has been very early convinced that the sense of financial market history was going through greater digitalization in the issuance of financial securities after making the observation that current outdated processes do not enable companies to properly gage investor expectations in an efficient way.


Head of Development

Laurent has joined Praexo in October 2020 from Natixis, where he was MD, Head of International Equity Capital Markets.
He mostly covered tech/growth situations, and focused on Renewables and Real Estates transaction in Europe and in the Middle East. Prior to his ECM role, Laurent spent most of his career as an Equity Derivatives / Equity Linked specialist. Before Natixis, Laurent was employed by Deutsche Bank for 10 years and started his career at Exane.
Laurent brings invaluable experience in capital market and international background, having worked in Switzerland, UK and Hong Kong.  

Jean-David Lavaud


Jean David has gained expertise in the finance industry through projects at major banks on trade finance, supply chain, payments and capital markets solutions.

He is experienced in both back-end and front-end development and familiar with the specific requirements of the finance industry. Learner to the core, Jean David thrives to always be on the cutting edge of technologies and improve himself.

Jean David has designed and rolled out the first smart contracts based solutions that went into production for payments and trade finance in 2016. He also built analytics applications in capital markets.


Paris, 19 May 2020

Praexo raises initial funding amounting to 1.6 M€ through Truffle and Rothschild & Co to accelerate its development

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