Praexo is a software company that delivers data-driven advisory and execution for capital markets participants

Managing any capital markets transaction involves dealing with differing sources of data, qualitative or quantitative, often conveyed by various participants in the process including Corporates, their Advisors or Investors.

Ensure a clear path to successful capital raising now… and in the future

The ability of a company to pursue its development and growth is often closely linked to the outcome of these capital markets transactions, making them mission-critical to the company’s long-term success.

  • Fundation
  • IPO

Provide efficiency thanks to innovation

Our products

Our experience is that it is often those who have the most at stake, such as management or existing stakeholders, who are increasingly burdened by irrelevant investor interactions or unnecessary data collection and analysis, resulting in an inefficient allocation of precious time and resources.

By lacking a clear and transparent understanding of investor expectations, the company’s management and stakeholders can be left unprepared to ensure a successful outcome now and for future capital raises.

At Praexo, we build solutions that engage data-science and machine learning techniques to enhance the current advisory and execution processes in capital markets transactions.

Our software empowers management and their advisors to improve their productivity and efficiency, allowing them to reach a successful outcome at a lower cost while also better preparing them for current and future funding rounds.

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