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Perseus and Hemera were conceived on the basis of a simple observation: the advisory services in investment banking have not embraced the full benefits that technology can contribute in terms of how information is gathered, filtered and reported to clients and on how these processes are run.

As former investment bankers, we are convinced that the true added value of an advisor comes from tailoring each transaction to the unique profile of the company and potentially interested investors.

With Praexo, you can become a neo-investment bank promoting an augmented advisory model whereby your time and efforts are focused on real valued-added services.


  • Foster your investor identification process: identify and access easily an enlarged universe of investors that goes beyond your own network

  • Offer your clients a modern and unique way to participate in a capital markets transaction with state-of-the-art data analytics tool and with the ability to interact smoothly with advisors and investors

  • Entertain investor interactions with no risk of conflicts of interest


A partnership principle is the overall guiding factor of our offering to intermediaries advising companies on capital markets transactions. Together we share the common goal of offering Augmented Advisory services to our clients and we would hope that our fee structure should not be the determining factor in deciding on the use of our services.
We would therefore align our fee structure with yours, designating our remuneration as a relatively small portion of your overall fees, but with the clear objective to keep the total fee highly competitive for our clients.