Praexo Analytics

Enhance your equity story and better qualify your investor base with data analytics

Improving quality of your investor base is the first step in creating value for your stakeholders.

Identify & target high quality investors
Get a complete and true investor profiling which allows you to build a complete and accurate picture of your targeting.
Fine-tune your equity story
Predictive analysis allows you to improve your perceptions of existing or new investors and differentiate your equity story.
Make the most out of AI and advisory
Get support from our experts in equity capital market, data science & IT development.

Step 1: Allow our experts and machine learning algorithms to understand your needs

Share your requirements and search criteria to optimize your investor targeting.

Step 2: Let the value creation take place

Praexo Analytics offers a single point of search across public and proprietary databases.
Thanks to our dedicated algorithms, we will cross match your needs
with the adressable market and provide you with a tailored list of investors.

Step 3: Keep track and develop your investor database

You will receive a consistent set of recommendations.
With a sharpened understanding of your investors,
you can now strengthen your company’s investor targeting strategy,
differentiate your equity story and focus on actions that make a difference.