Praexo Analytics

Expertly prepare your capital markets transaction

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Praexo Analytics connects several databases, applying sophisticated algorithms with one important goal in mind: to give our users access to superior and contextualised data in order to better prepare and qualify them for any upcoming capital markets transaction.

Key Features

Access to enriched and varied databases

Praexo Analytics efficiently integrates a wide range of information and metrics used in the financial industry when approaching existing or potential new shareholders of a company into a single and consistent set of recommendations. This information includes:
  • Historical private capital raising transactions from series A up to and including IPO

  • Detailed and extensive lists of investor profiles and past investments

Given the development in recent years of cross-over investment opportunities between private and public capital markets, and the increasing willingness of investors to undertake either form of investment, we have purposely sought to include the widest possible range of investor types in our universe including Institutional Investors, Venture Capital or Private Equity firms but also corporate VC and holding companies.

Praexo Analytics offers a single point of search across public and proprietary databases. Our analysts can not only explore data in its original format, but also in an enriched and wholly complete view only available on Praexo Analytics which can be easily shared with our end-users.

Algorithms developed by data-scientists, but designed by investment bankers

Praexo Analytics is not just an investor matching platform.

Any company looking to navigate the investment universe will quickly find that it is governed by many moving parts. Relevant investors cannot simply be identified on the basis of static criteria such as past investments, investment types, deal sizes, locations or other. Furthermore any company or their advisors relying solely on their network of contacts may miss genuine opportunities to interact with other relevant investors whose input and support could enable the company to reach new heights in their growth and development cycle.

The algorithms operated by Praexo Analytics are designed and built to identify changes and trends in the investment policies and strategies of global investors. We use machine learning techniques and AI to make sure no stone is left unturned by our algorithms, at any given stage of development of the company.