Praexo Connect

Bring light into execution

Praexo Hamera

Praexo Connect is a software solution that collects, analyses, synthesizes and reports efficiently and intelligibly data to all parties involved in a capital markets transaction.

Bring modernity

The current feedback process which channels investor’s views to management via intermediaries is archaic and broken. Junior resources at banks, advisors or other intermediaries often spend countless hours manually gathering investor feedback into excel files, and preparing summary analysis in PowerPoint presentations. The process is labour intensive, prone to error and bias and often the end product is not fully understood by the receiving management.

By opening a direct digital channel between investors and companies, Praexo Connect is able to gather, accurately filter and report data quicker and more efficiently than never. This empowers anyone involved in the process and who has access to Praexo Connect dashboard to focus on true value-added tasks. Time and resources can be better allocated: instead of spending ¾ of the time in a typical hour-long meeting explaining and understanding basic data, the focus can instead be kept on dealing with recommendations, tactic and solving other issues or deadlock.

Praexo muckup

Praexo Connect offers our users 3 different modules

  • Dashboard
  • White-labelled interface
  • Financial analysis model

Key Features


Praexo Connect dashboard makes communication and collaboration between top management and their advisors effortless.

All parties have access to identical live information regarding the progress and status of the capital markets transaction, facilitating smooth and seamless interactions with all deal participants. Praexo Connect dashboard is available on any device: no matter where our users are, they remain in the driving seat.

Praexo Connect dashboard provides:

  • Investor feedback synthesised in a clear and relevant format with key messages thanks to data visualization techniques

  • Real-time monitoring of valuation metrics and KPIs

  • Knowledge about investors involved in the capital markets transaction

  • Transparent and real-time updates of the indicative demand and bookbuilding evolution

White-labelled interface

The interface module of Praexo Connect can be configured to meet the specific needs of any customer.

The front end is a suite of integrated applications that are aimed to make the investment analysis and decision process easier and smoother for investors.

Investors that connect to Praexo Connect will have access to:

  • Enriched transaction information in one place, including a web-conference facility for virtual roadshows

  • Independent equity research, including on private companies thanks to partnerships entered by Praexo with leading brokerage firms

  • Financial analysis model

  • Standardised feedback form with voice-to-text tool

  • Dialogue system to efficiently manage Q&A between the company and investors

  • Order booking system

  • Trading facility for private companies willing to initiate secondary liquidity

Financial analysis model

Praexo Connect integrates a unique financial analysis model that allows investors to challenge the company’s business plan or to run their own individual set of estimates with the ability to immediately compare assumptions with peer operating metrics and assess the impact on valuation.