Praexo Connect

Capture and analyse investor sentiment to fine-tune your equity story.

Unlock shareholder value with our data-driven IR solution
and align investor expectations with your development strategy.

Dashboard icon User-friendly dashboard
Involve easily any stakeholders in your investor relation process.
Analysis icon Investor intelligence
Track, compare and analyse investor expectations with data visualisation tools.
Data icon Data-analytics
Leverage NLP and machine learning tools to simplify your understanding on investor data.
Investor profiling
Identify, target and construct a long-term shareholder base with proprietary data.

Focus on what was said and understand why it was said.

Investor feedbacks is vital for your business.
Expand your investor intelligence and regain your competitive edge with Praexo!

Streamline your investor relations workflow

Digitalise and centralise all your data
in our investor relations CRM

Involve your board and top management thanks to a transparent & collaborative solution.

Anticipate your investor’s expectations

Collect, classify and analyse all your investor feedbacks.
Interpret investor perceptions and expectations
through powerful data visualisation tools.

Track the effectiveness of your strategic decision-making process

Facilitate the traceability of investor data.
Spot trends and issues amongst your investor base.